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Yoga has been growing in popularity for years and years now, and you’ve probably noticed the yoga studios popping up all over town. What once was thought of as a hippie thing is finally becoming totally mainstream. But, why yoga? Yoga-lovers claim that yoga encourages strength and stretching of muscles that keep you more youthful and flexible. If that’s true, it sounds like a great way to keep yourself healthy. Keep reading to learn about Yoga and how it may be able to help you prevent injuries.

Yoga for Flexibility

Many yoga poses can stretch out your muscles. You might even feel muscles that you haven’t used in a long time coming out to work. Having your muscles stretch regularly encourages better flexibility, and if you commit to doing yoga over a few months you will likely notice the difference in your range of motion. Plus, when your muscles are flexible, you’re less likely to strain or pull them.

Yoga for Strength

The biggest misconception about yoga is that it’s a relaxing hour that you spend sitting on a mat. So much of yoga is actually designed to give you what we would consider a “workout.” Whether you’re holding your torso parallel to the ground in plank pose or touching your toes, you’re likely to notice you’re working pretty hard. Keep yourself strong by working muscles that normally get ignored at the gym.

Yoga for Stress

Regular practice of yoga has been linked to lower levels of stress, likely because of its focus on breathing techniques. Taking deeper breaths and certain meditation techniques that are involved in some types of yoga lower heart rates and encourage a better management of stress. When you can manage stress and think clearly, you’re less likely to make rash decisions that may lead to injuries.

If you’re interested in learning more about preventing injuries, or have an injury you want us to look at, call us today at   to schedule a consultation. Yoga may be able to help prevent some injuries, but it’s not a magic pill. We can help you get back on track this summer.

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