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There are two types of parents: those who are extra cautious, bring emergency snacks, and are seemingly prepared for anything. The other kind of parents are a little more fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, relaxed, or even a little oblivious. We like to think we’re a little of both, balancing between the extremes (if that’s possible). We let our kids try new things, even encourage them to jump into art, music, or sports. Helping kids be creative and earn their confidence can help set them up for a great life. Sports in particular help kids learn about responsibility and teamwork.

But, before we get too ahead of ourselves, we do look into the safety risks of what our kids are doing. We encourage our kids to wear helmets while skateboarding, and so it makes sense that we want to know what to expect from team sports, too. Keep reading to learn about which sports are a little more likely to cause injuries, so you can be aware and plan accordingly.

Team Sports

Some of the stories that come from the professional sports world can be a little scary, but how do they translate to kids’ sports? Studies and tests done on past NFL players have spurred us on to learn more about brain injuries and how to prevent them. But, we should be careful about all injuries, right? Safety precautions should be analyzed and improved for players of all ages.

Studies show that teams sports can cause injuries in kids, too, though they didn’t report on long-term injuries. Injuries from playing football sent 215,000 kids to the hospital between 2011-2012, while basketball sent 170,000 kids to the hospital emergency room during the same time period. Encouraging your children to be careful might cut down on the risk, but playing sports will never be completely free from that risk.

Common Injuries

Thankfully, the most common injuries aren’t as serious as they could be. Of course, any any time our children are injured we wish it wasn’t so. Wearing safety equipment and listening to coaches may cut down on the risk of injuries, so encourage your kids to take sports seriously

The top injuries that lead to hospital room visits were:

  1. Strains/Sprains
  2. Fractures
  3. Bruises
  4. Concussions

Keep your kids protected from injury by encouraging them to play to their strengths and also to wear protective equipment. If your child has recently been injured while playing sports, call us at   or (713) 986-5640 to schedule a consultation today. We want to help prevent future injuries and promote healing before your child heads back out onto the field.

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