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If you’re a lover of sports and playing them, you probably understand that there’s a risk of injury. Those risks go up when your favorite exercise involves contact sport, too. If you’ve recently heard a “pop” in your knee, and are searching the internet to see what you might be dealing with, then keep reading. You may have torn a meniscus, so keep reading to see what to do.

What is a Meniscus?

The joint of your knee consists of three bones: the femur, tibia, and patella. The meniscus is the wedge-shaped piece of cartilage that acts as the shock absorber when you jump, run, and land. Each one sits between your femur and your tibia. The meniscus is tough, rubbery, and helps to keep your knee joint stable.

What causes it?

A torn meniscus is actually one of the most common knee injuries. Athletes of many sports are at risk of this injury, though it’s those who play contact sports who have an increased risk. It can occur in athletes or the average person of any age, so active kids and adults who aren’t playing sports can also suffer a torn meniscus. If you’ve heard a “pop” or felt a popping feeling in your knee, you may have torn your meniscus. It will likely be painful at first, and you may experience swelling for a few weeks. Some people also refer to this injury as torn cartilage in the knee, but it’s the same thing.

Sometimes, the symptoms you experience will go away after a few weeks. The swelling will go down and you might not have pain at all. Essentially, because there aren’t nerve endings in cartilage, you may be inclined to forget about the injury or think that it has healed.

A serious meniscus tear may involve pieces of the meniscus shifting into the knee joint, blocking you from being able to straighten your knee. The popping in your knee may stick around, or transition to a gravelly sound when you move your knee around. In the worst cases, your knee may start feeling unstable or wobbly, or may even give out from underneath you.

Surgery may be able to help you in the case you have a meniscus tear. Call us today at   or (713) 986-5640 to schedule a consultation to see what may be going on with your knee.

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