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Many times, surgery is a good option to help speed up the healing process and help you get back to life if you’ve had a rotator cuff tear. Keep reading to learn about rotator cuff injuries, how Dr. Adickes can help you heal, and what to avoid to keep yourself healing.

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Types of Tears

  • A rotator cuff injury occurs when one of the rotator cuff tendon tears, leaving your upper arm less supported than before.
  • A partial tear can also be referred to as an incomplete tear, because the tendon isn’t completely damaged. The tendon involved is not completely severed, but is damaged and can still cause pain.
  • A full-thickness tear is also called a complete tear. The tendon involved in this kind of tear is completely separated from the bone on either side. There may be a hole in the tendon in a full-thickness tear.

Exercises to Avoid

If you have a rotator cuff injury, get ready to let those weights rest a bit at the gym. You should avoid lifting weights above your head or out from the sides of your body. These movements can cause more stress and even further injury to the area.

You will will probably also need to avoid the pool, unless you are comfortable using a kickboard. Even raising your arm above your head to hold a kickboard may prove painful, so make sure to consult a doctor or physical therapist before you try a new exercise.


If your tear came from repeated use, then you may be able to manage your rotator cuff injury without undergoing surgery. You might be asked to wear a sling to keep your arm from moving. Allowing your arm and shoulder to rest properly is important in allowing your rotator cuff to heal.

Surgery might be a better option if you don’t have the time to allow your rotator cuff to heal on its own. If you play sports and need to get back to work quickly, then surgery is a great option to get your shoulder back to work.

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