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Closeup front view of a mid 30’s handsome man doing some light exercises with dumbbells while being assisted by a senior male doctor. The patient has suffered a shoulder injury and is in recovery rehab process.

Sometimes, we get so caught up preparing for surgery, that we don’t think about how to prepare for after our surgery. But, being organized and prepared for your recovery will help those first few weeks at home so much easier on you and whoever you have to help you. Surgery can keep you from doing a lot of the things you like. Keep reading for some of the best things you can collect, buy, or borrow to help your recovery at home even better.


Track down some extra pillows either from the couch or consider buying some more. Sitting on the couch or lying in bed may be less comfortable as you’re recovering, but an extra pillow can help alleviate that uncomfortable position.

Wardrobe updates

A shoulder injury can really hamper your ability to dress yourself, so having a stock of shirts that button or zip will be really helpful. Shirts you need to pull over your head will not be fun to maneuver. Also, consider investing in a pair of shoes that slip on, since tying your shoes with one hand will get annoying really quickly.

Medicine box

When you’re coming out of surgery, you may feel a little groggy. Staying on top of your medication will help you heal faster, and avoid unnecessary pain. Using a medicine box or pill organizer can help you stay on top of all the medications you will need to take on a timely basis. Write down the times you take them, and set a timer to remind you of your next dose. Taking medication, especially antibiotics, at the right time is key to a better recovery.

Large waterproof bandages

Trash bags and athletic tape will work in a pinch when you need to clean yourself off, but large waterproof bandages will make the experience much easier.

Being prepared may seem overwhelming on top of everything you need to do before your surgery, but you’ll thank yourself after your surgery has come and gone. Being prepared can cut down on frustration and last-minute emergencies that could have been avoided. If you want more information about shoulder surgery and your ideal recovery, give us a call at  .

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