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When a knee injury occurs, such as dislocation, subluxation, or misalignment of the kneecap, some patients in the Houston, TX area may be in need of a procedure called patella stabilization. Patella stabilization is a surgery that is used to help realign the knee and stabilize it so it can function at its best. The procedure is done by deepening the grove where the patella rests to realign it and allow it to function properly with the ball-and-socket joint. After the procedure is done, patients are strongly encouraged to work with a physical therapist to not only properly heal the area, but to rehabilitate and strengthen the patella to get back to their normal activities.

Why is patella stabilization rehabilitation important?

As with any orthopedic surgery, patients need to keep the area moving in order to heal properly and to keep the area from “locking up.” There are several stages at which a physical therapist will work a patient through to keep the area limber and to strengthen it.

  • Phase I: Protection and return of movement. During the first few weeks, patients will work with a physical therapy to determine the steps needed to keep the area in motion without overextending it. Patients may or may not be wearing a brace, and may be taught how to properly use crutches as the patella heals.
  • Phase II: Strengthening and weight bearing exercises. After patients have past the initial healing stages, they can then work on putting weight on the knee and strengthening the surrounding muscles. They may perform certain exercises such as leg extensions, wall squats, and hamstring curls with their physical therapist.
  • Phase II: Advanced strengthening and return to normal activities. Following several months of exercises, the physical therapist will then focus on ensuring patients can get back to the activities they once enjoyed. They may perform lunges, squats, and core strengthening exercises as well as use an exercise bike and elliptical.

Are you in need of patella stabilization surgery and rehabilitation?

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