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Houston, TX area patients who are struggling with continued hip pain may be unsure as to what is causing this discomfort. Dr. Mark Adickes and his team at Jock to Doc work with patients in the community considering care for joint pain.

Causes of hip pain

This hip joint is the body’s largest ball-and-sock joint in the body, and is designed to withstand a wide range of motion, repeated activities, and substantial wear and tear. However, even though the hip joint is durable, it can be damaged just as other parts of the body can be. With both continued use and advanced age, the cartilage inside of the joint can wear down or become damaged. This can happen in addition to the overuse of tendons and muscles. With a fall or traumatic injury, the bones of the hip can break.

All of these concerns can be the cause of hip pain and discomfort. Below are the more common causes of hip pain:

  • Arthritis – a common cause of hip pain is arthritis, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Fractures – bones become weak and brittle with time, and hip fractures in the elderly can occur with a fall or trauma.
  • Bursitis – small sacs of fluid found between muscles, tendons, and bones called bursae can become inflamed and result in discomfort called “bursitis.”
  • Tendinitis – when tendons of the joints become irritated or inflamed, they can cause discomfort, typically due to overuse and repetitive stress.
  • Muscle/tendon strain – strain on the elements of the hip joint can prevent patients from being able to use their hip normally without discomfort.
  • Cancer – some forms of cancer, including bone tumors, can cause pain that starts at the hips and radiates to other bones of the body.
  • Labral tear – the ring of cartilage in the joint called the labrum can become torn and result in pain in and around the hip joint.

Are you dealing with continued hip pain?

Find the cause of your discomfort and take charge of your pain! Call Dr. Mark Adickes, orthopedic surgeon at Jock to Doc, at   to request an appointment. The office is located in Houston, TX at 950 Campbell Road.

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