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Undergoing a surgical procedure can be a time where anxiety levels are high and patients are unsure as to what to expect. Dr. Mark Adickes of Houston, TX understands this and wants to ensure that all patients feel as comfortable as possible from start to finish. Choosing to undergo surgical intervention is often a smart choice for patients who have not found relief from more conservative options. Whether you are undergoing shoulder surgery, knee surgery, or hip replacement, our team of professionals at Jock to Doc can walk you through the process every step of the way.

Before surgery

Prior to surgery, our front office staff will work with patients to determine financial responsibility. We can help in processing paperwork for your health insurance claims and handle your deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses. Surgical clearance is needed, which includes cardiovascular EKGs and lab work performed to ensure you are healthy enough to undergo surgery. Surgical clearance may be performed by a family physician. Patients should also ask their doctor about restrictions prior to surgery, such as stopping smoking, drinking, eating, or medication use for a period of time beforehand.

During surgery

Surgery is performed at either the Elite Surgical Center at 6655 Travis Street or the Baylor College of Medicine at 7200 Cambridge Street. Our team will direct you to the proper location and patients should arrive on time to complete paperwork, have their IV started, and discuss anesthetics with our team of providers.

After surgery

Patients are taken to the recovery unit after surgery where family members or those waiting for you to transport your home are notified that surgery is completed. Patients will want to follow the post-operative care instructions given by Dr. Mark Adickes and schedule their follow-up appointment. Any concerns following surgery may warrant a phone call to the office for further discussion.

Are you ready to take the next step towards surgical intervention?

If your condition has slowed you down and kept you from enjoying everyday activities, it may be time for orthopedic surgery. Dr. Mark Adickes and his team in Houston, TX can provide the best possible care for new and established patients who are struggling with sports injuries, trauma, or arthritis. Take time to find out if orthopedic surgery is right for you by calling   and speaking to our professionals about your unique needs. Our facility is located at 950 Campbell Road and accepts new patients.

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