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Now that the weather is cooling down a little, we’re excited to spend more time outside. Whether we’re putting the garden to bed or out playing sports with the kids, the cooler weather is a welcome relief from the sweltering hot summer days.

But, if you’re thinking about picking up a new sport after months or years of inactivity, be careful. Starting playing a sport again will always come with a few risks. Whether you’re older or just a little rusty, using muscles that haven’t been used in a while can cause extra strain on parts of your body you aren’t necessarily thinking of. And that strain can lead to very serious injuries. Keep reading to learn about ACL tears and how to treat them.

Sports that are often involved in ACL injuries include those that keep you moving and thinking on your feet. Going for a morning jog isn’t the top of the list here. In fact, team sports, with the quick-changing movements involved, are commonly linked to ACL injuries. Basketball, football, volleyball, gymnastics, soccer, and downhill skiing are all commonly involved when it comes to ACL tears or injuries, so be careful if you participate or are thinking of participating in those sports.

Winter can lead us to try new things to keep us busy while it’s cold outside, but taking care of yourself will keep those activities fun. If you do happen to tear your ACL while out playing winter-time games, there are options to help you treat it.


For many people, we recommend surgery for ACL tears. This is because surgery is the best option if your injury involves other ligaments or parts of the knee. If you’re active and want to get back to playing the sport you love, surgery can help you keep the power and abilities that your knee had before. Also, younger, more active people are recommended to have surgery to help their ACL recover.

Heal On Its Own

The other option is to rest and let your ACL heal. This may not be a great option for people who are very active, since it requires a lot of downtime. Letting your ACL heal naturally is most-often recommended for those who are not very active, and those who aren’t healthy enough for a surgical procedure.

If you think you’ve torn your ACL and you’re looking for an expert opinion, don’t hesitate to reach out. Call us today at   or (713) 986-5640 to schedule a consultation.

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