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You might get some strange looks if you hobble up to a machine on crutches at your local gym. If you know what you’re doing then you don’t need to worry about the stares. The most important thing is that you do your research before you drive to your favorite gym without a plan.

If you’re mentally prepared to avoid doing the work you might be tempted to, then you’re in a good place. That’s one of the hardest parts. But it’s important. Giving yourself a chance of letting your injured limb rest is the ultimate goal. Being able to expend excess energy is just a plus. Keep reading for some general guidelines about working out while injured.

Knee and Leg Injuries

Prepare yourself for a lot of upper body work. Spending more time on your arms will help you feel like you’re exercising, while keeping your lower extremities safe. Though a lot of cardio options may need to be avoided for a time, you do still have some options.

Swimming is a good way to get moving, while keeping your leg or knee in relative safety. Just track down a local gym or facility that offers lane swimming so you can keep away from splashing kids. Buy or borrow a leg buoy that helps your legs float while you cut through the water with your arms.

Shoulder Injuries

There are still plenty of cardio options if you have a shoulder injury. Why not try walking, running, or even swimming (if you’re willing to use a kickboard and your doctor allows it, that is). If you’d rather pump some iron and build some muscle, look into leg press and wall sits to feel the burn.

Take care of yourself and listen to your body. The last thing you want to do is further injure yourself or create a new injury through a new movement or exercise. You never know how your body will respond to exercise, so build up to longer sessions and harder workouts. If you have any questions about exercising with your injury, call us at   or (713) 986-5640 to schedule a consultation.

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