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Living an active lifestyle is important for many reasons. Studies continue to show the benefits of exercise in one’s daily life. It can improve both physical and emotional health, and assist with weight management for children and adults. However, depending on how active a person is, overuse injuries may be a real concern. In most situations, a sports injury can be avoided with proper protection and prevention. Dr. Mark Adickes and his team at Jock to Doc in Houston, TX is pleased to offer recommendations for patients who want to prevent damage to the muscles, bones, or even the skull.

What are overuse injuries?

Overuse injuries are common in active individuals who may be training improperly, too long, or too much. Patients may be using the wrong technique, or may be returning to a specific activity before an injury has had time to properly heal. In many situations, patients will experience muscle tears, bone breakage, or other problems that are diagnosed with the help of an orthopedic surgeon. Treatment for overuse injuries may vary depending on the cause, and may include pain management, icing, and wrapping.

How can I prevent overuse injuries?

Dr. Mark Adickes has some recommendations to reduce a patient’s risk of overuse injuries:

  • Learn the proper technique for the activity you are participating in
  • Rest adequately between workouts
  • Considering taking a day off between workouts to rest the body
  • Incorporate strength training and core stability workouts to minimize common overuse injuries
  • Allow for proper recovery after workouts or after a previous sports injury has occurred
  • Consider only increasing your workout by 10% each week to avoid going too hard, too fast
  • Work with a sports medicine specialist, such as Dr. Mark Adickes, for education and prevention tips

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