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Sports injuries are a common cause of ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injuries in both men and women. ACL tears and injuries are often seen at Jock to Doc. In many instances, these injuries can be avoided with proper preventative techniques.

How does an ACL tear occur?

In most situations, ACL tears and injuries are not caused by actual contact. Instead, they occur because of fast changes in direction during certain activities, such as soccer or basketball, as this twist or landing position can cause these knee ligaments to tear.

How can I avoid an ACL injury?

While injuries are always a possibility when it comes to sports involvement, there are some steps that patients can take to reduce their risk and minimize the chance of experiencing an injury to the body, whether it be the ACL or other bone or ligament. Below are a few of the most common recommendations made by Dr. Mark Adickes of Houston, TX to avoid injuries to the ACL:

  • Focus on your technique. Proper technique when training for and playing a sport can reduce sports injuries. If poor form is a problem, work with the coach or your physical therapist to identify the problem and ensure it is corrected.
  • Rest when needed. It is best for patients to avoid working out or playing when they are fatigued, as it can increase the chance of making mistakes and getting injured.
  • Improve core strength. It is essential that patients work in other areas and muscle groups in the body to build their overall core strength. Overworking one area of the body can increase the risk of injuries.
  • Balance flexibility and strength. Tight, overstretched muscles are much more prone to sports injuries, so working on both flexibility and strength in moderation is essential.
  • Eat well. Good nutrition not only keeps the body healthy but helps in increasing endurance and strength that can improve focus and performance.

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Dr. Mark Adickes is an orthopedic surgeon in the Houston, TX area who works regularly with patients who are in need of a sports medicine professional. If you are interested in working with him and his team to improve your performance and address injuries, call the office at  . The practice, located at 950 Campbell Road, accepts new and current patients seeking quality care.

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