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Many patients find that they want to push themselves physically in certain activities, including sports and weight lifting. Unfortunately, pushing past a certain point can be devastating for one’s body. It can cause an injury to the bones, muscles, or tendons that can cause permanent damage. This is why it is so important that patients work with their personal trainers, coaches, and sports medicine professionals to not only treat issues when they occur, but find ways to prevent them from happening in the first place!

Understanding the advantages of prevention

Patients involved in sports often don’t want to take time off of these activities. However, if an injury occurs, it is essential that patients get the care they need to heal properly and get back in the game. Instead of being reactive to one’s health, patients should be proactive. A proactive approach to overuse injuries is learning proper technique of certain moves to avoid damage in the first place. Patients should also take the appropriate time off of activities as return to these activities too quickly after an injury can dramatically increase one’s risk of developing further problems. A sports medicine professional can make recommendations to significantly reduce the risk of overuse injuries.

Learn more about the services provide by an orthopedic doctor

Dr. Mark Adickes of Jock to Doc in Houston, Texas works directly with patients to not only treat certain injuries and ailments, but to learn ways to prevent problems from occurring in the future. Working with an orthopedic professional has many benefits, and patients considering care from our team can call for an appointment at  .

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